Residential Property Dispute in Dubai 

 May 8, 2019


Due to a huge number of fluctuations in the prices or government policies, the number of property disputes in Dubai is raising. Real estate is no doubt a very important industry working in Dubai. Whenever such complaints are aroused, the concerned authorities try to take actions as soon as possible. People are also contact lawyers for property dispute  to solve their rental dispute.

Different complaints keep on coming to the authorities but the most common of them all is related to the unfair increase in the rents. It is to be noted here that the unfair rental increase is against the law in UAE. Sometimes, the landlords also file complaints against their tenants but these complaints are usually regarding the breach in contract go to this link  https://hhslawyers.com/blog/property-dispute-dubai-breach-contract/  to find mere detail  or any other related issue.

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Where does it all start from?

Going to the court or filing the official complaints is not something out of the world. Every other day people keep on getting into troubles which makes them file the legal complaints. That is why you should not worry about filing a complaint due to a property dispute in UAE because it is something really common and you shouldn’t be ashamed about it at all.

Study your tenancy contract

Before filing an official complaint, it is important for you to go through your tenancy contract properly. This will save you from a lot of problems in the hereafter. By looking into the contract, you will be able to settle the complaint quite easily. If you are unable to find any solution to your problem, you should proceed with talking to the person you have a problem with.

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File the complaint

If you are unable to reach a settlement with your landlord/ tenant, you must file an official complaint. The authority that deals with such complaints are named as Rent Disputes Settlement Center at the Dubai Land Department. This center is basically known for resolving the problems with both the landlords and the tenants.

There are certain documents you need to bring along in order to file a complaint including;

  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Emirates ID
  • certificate of Ejari
  • tenancy contract
  • deposit slip of rent
  • title deed
  • DEWA bills (recent)
  • Cheque copies
  • Any evidence including messages, emails or more regarding the dispute
  • Other supporting documents
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Note that all the documents must be brought in their original form along with the photocopies as well.

If the documents are in any language other than Arabic, the authentic translations would be needed.

Complaint processing cost

The cost of filing the complaint and carrying out related legal procedures range from 500 AED and not exceed 20000 AED. There may be some additional costs for document translation as well.

Legal Action

After you have filed the complaint, the Arbitration Department will be handled the dispute case. It will try to take a decision in about 15 business days. If the department is unable to reach a decision, a lawsuit will be filed. After this, the decision will be taken in almost 30 days. The decision will come effective no matter whether ay disputant files an appeal or not.

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If you need, you may take the help of property dispute lawyers in UAE so that they may represent you on your behalf.

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