Know all about your Persian Cat Breed Personality, Care and Health 

 July 24, 2021

It is important to know your Pet. If you are owning a Persian cat or planning to own one, then it is important to know all about them. Persian cats are not only adorable-faced cats but they are famous in the world of cats.


This little furry pet can be your forever friend if you adore them and properly care for them. The demand for Persian cats in India has always been seen expanding to a higher level. More pet lovers are moving towards owning a Persian rather than a dog. 


These little Persian friend’s personality and their cuteness make them more attractive and adore. They might delay to hiss or scratch, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t annoyed when bothered by pets or children.


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But the one, who treat them with gentleness and dignity, they make them their favorite buddy. They become the favorite pet of every family due to their personality and adorable nature. Their enjoyment lies on affectionate lap, a good brushing, and petting. If you require a best friend who can share all the love and dedication with kind, then the Persians are the perfect fit for this role.


Persian Breed Characteristics:

Persians are the most loved cats because of their characteristics. These are the key factor for the growing demands of Persian cats in India. So here are the few characteristics of your favorite Persian buddy:


  • Kid-friendly

  • Intelligent

  • Easy to groom

  • Playfulness

  • Affectionate towards family


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These four-legged Persian buddies are famous for their quiet and sweet nature. They enjoy sitting on everyone’s lap and being petted by their humans. These little animals are great buddies for every child. The Persians love to play with children who are kind to them.

Persian cats are attention seekers. They love to be the center of focus for every family. The Persians don’t like to be in a loud environment, they are of sedate nature. These cats have large expressive eyes with a soft pleasant and musical voice. However, the Persians are not of the nature who climb to the curtains, jump on the kitchen shelf. They hold the personalities of remaining silent, adorn a chair, bed, or sofa until she gets the attention of someone to admire her and pay attention.


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Your Persian cat is more likely to get suffered from health problems. In some cases, it can be seen as genetic. The most common problems faced by the Persian cats are : 

  • Excess tearing

  • Very sensitive to heat

  • Polycystic, mostly prone to kidney disease, a particular genetic test is available to identify.

  • Seborrhoea oleasa, a skin problem that causes more itchiness, hair loss, and redness

  • Constricted nostrils, which cause difficulty in breathing or noisy breathing.




Persian cats are very sensitive animals, they need proper care. Daily grooming is essential for these four-legged pets. Cat’s long beautiful coat doesn’t always remain clean and free from tangle by their own. Therefore it is important to have a regular check of your favorite pet. Groom the cat twice a month and brushing is a better way to keep them clean and free from any kind of health issues

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