Here’s How to be Financially Ready on Your Next Travel Adventure 

 June 28, 2020

Traveling is an exciting and addicting activity for most people. In 2019, millions of recorded international flights across the globe and hefty chunks of data came from different travelers and tourists from different countries. To these gallivanters, the thrill of adventures increases excitement when visiting an entirely new scenery.

However, traveling takes careful planning regardless of reason and location and budgeting is often one of the biggest concerns. From transportation, accommodation, and, most especially, food – every traveler has to plan carefully. A plan that’s cost-effective and feasible is preferable.

In this article, we will discuss general tips and borrowing hacks from various experts and travel consultants’ experiences around the world.

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Make an Effort to Initiate a Plan

If you don’t travel much or are a first-timer in backpacking, you might be surprised at how many people travel without making careful considerations. Traveling out of the blue may be easy for those who have more than enough money to spare and time to kill endlessly. But most of us don’t have that capability.

The first step required before every trip is to make an effort to plan at your home. If you have a limited budget, then be sure to do some research. Your trip does not have to be limited to a strict schedule of activities. You can at least create an idea of how long you are planning to stay in the country, the prices for flights and accommodations, and average prices for daily needs like meals and transportation.

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Making a plan helps you avoid unnecessary spending and unforeseen circumstances. Remember that anything made last-minute is extremely expensive, especially hotel accommodations and flight bookings.

Travel Light

Traveling light has always been a bit of constant advice to first-time travelers, and it’s always a good reminder to pack the essentials only. It’s fine to wear repeated clothing for the duration of your trips. Only bring what you need or not sold in shops of your destination. This gives more space for souvenirs and less weight on your shoulders.

Budget Allocation for Transportations

A big piece of your budget pie is transportation. If you are traveling to another country, the first thing you will spend is airfare. Hence, compare prices with different airlines and, if possible, consider taking other forms of transportation like land and sea travel.

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For people taking a trip to another state or just inside your home country, it might be wise to use a private vehicle or rent one. Road trips can also become a memorable part of traveling, and riding local roads and public transportations are good ways to appreciate your trip.

Emergency Cash and Sudden Expenses

If you ask travelers if their trips were smooth and perfect, more often, they would answer at least one or two mishaps and unforeseen events out of their plans. May it be delayed flights, lost items, or a sudden shift in itineraries, these sudden changes could impact your budget. When traveling, it’s more common for your plans to get awry than actually pulling it off properly. 

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In this case, having a backup is important regardless of how big your budget is. Bringing in an extra amount should cover all those unexpected events. It is recommended to at least save up enough for a couple more nights or a ticket back home. Getting stuck with no money on your trip is a nightmare for travelers, which happens more than you expect.

Experienced travelers always bring emergency cash to various events. If you are unable to save up due to a stringent budget, you might consider setting up a quick travel loan instead. Online loan services, like creditninja.com, can help you acquire loans, even an emergency travel loan for a very bad credit score. Additionally, setting it up is easy, and the whole application can be processed in just one business day.

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Traveling Out of Season

Holidays and breaks out of season rack up the prices for accommodations and airfare. This is a known strategy for the traveling industry, especially for family trips on breaks and holidays. Research the best dates for your destination, or alternatively, you can set up a trip during what’s called a ‘shoulder season’ where you travel before or after the holiday seasons.

Traveling during off-season will not only reduce the accommodation and flight prices but also lets you enjoy spots and attractions with fewer tourists.


Traveling is exciting regardless if it is for business or pleasure, so it’s natural to want to make the most out of it. However, not everything may go to plan, which sometimes needs more money than intended. Hence, by doing it smartly and setting proper expectations for your trip, you can enjoy the bliss of the local ambiance without having to worry about your finances.

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