Explore Jal Mahal in Jaipur through the Palace on Wheels 

 December 16, 2018

As we know, the Palace on Wheels was the best luxury train to cover the imperial tourist attractions of Rajasthan, simply in a week. When we are exploring the tourism of Rajasthan means that we are also exploring Indian royalty of the bygone era. And through the Palace on Wheels, it will be more fascinating to enjoy the tourist attractions of Rajasthan. Now we go through how will be the day in Jaipur by exploring Jal Mahal.

Experience with the Palace on Wheels:

Jaipur will be the first destination to be covered by the Palace on Wheels India on its itinerary plan. So after departure from Delhi, you will straightly get to Jaipur by early morning. So the whole day is up to for tourists to explore the tourist attractions of Jaipur. In the whole day just spare some time to explore Jal Mahal in Jaipur to enjoy some interesting and funny things to do here. Here it is given completely about the attractions of Jal Mahal.

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Jal Mahal

Jal Mahal

A brief note on Jal Mahal History:

The history of Jal Mahal will make you know some interesting facts about the Palace. Actually, this Palace was not built for the particular purpose but the renovations and extensions of the Palace made it turn into a Palace. This Palace was constructed by Maharaja Madho Singh in the year 1750. He just used this palace for duck hunting. But later his son Madho Singh II extended the Palace with beautiful surroundings and courtyards etc. And then finally, this construction was turned into a Palace.

About Jal Mahal:

Jal Mahal, the water palace is a beautiful palace in Jaipur which is submerged in Man Sarovar lake. The Mahal in the lake seems to be a one floor but the Mahal is a five-storied building. During monsoon seasons when the lake was filled with water, then the first four floors of the Palace will get under water. Due to this reason, this Palace was named as Jal Mahal. Even it is immersed in water it looks nice.

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The architectural significance of Jal Mahal:

The complete Palace built in red sandstone was the major architectural attraction of the Palace. And moreover, the perfect blend of Rajput and Mughal architectural styles doubles the charm and glory of the Palace. The major architectural glimpses of the Palace are terrace garden corridors known as Chameli Bagh, various forms of Burj such as Chini Burj, Pitli Burj, Aina Burj, and Shobha Burj, and four famous halls known as Gulab Tibari, Bada Mahal Tibari, Raas Niwas Tibari, and Anand Mahal Tibari. All these architectural attractions reflect beautiful intricate designs, paintings, patterns. It’s sure everyone gets in awestruck after witnessing these all.

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Things to do here:

The first and best thing to do here is Bird watching. At the palace and surroundings, different species of birds will entertain tourists. The scenery of the lake with numerous birds looks very colorful and attractive during monsoon season. Here mostly Kestrel, Coot, Pochards, Flamingo etc birds can be seen.

The next thing to do here is boating. To reach the Palace attractions, one and only possible way is boating. So boating is the must-do thing if anyone wants to experience the Palace means. What’s the major attraction of the boats here are they will be decorated beautifully in different styles. However, boating in Man Sarovar lake is the best thing to do. Know more about the Palace on Wheels train tariff for lean and peak season.

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Overall enjoying the captivating looks of Jal Mahal amid Man Sarovar Lake and Nahargarh hills takes you to a pleasant mood.

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