Can a Bed Create a Sense of Security for Your Dog? 

 August 25, 2021

Dog food and treats can only keep your pet happy for so long when you are unavailable at home. Pets can suffer from anxiety when deprived of company and physical contact. Studies show that even well-trained adult dogs can develop separation anxiety and other related issues if left alone for more than six hours. 

Untrained or partially trained puppies cannot be left alone for more than two to four hours. If you are a dog owner and work from an office or other location outside your home, you must take necessary precautions and ensure your dog is comfortable before leaving it alone. 

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Dogs may also refuse to sleep throughout the night unless you let them crawl into bed with you. A comfy calming dog bed can keep your pet comfortable throughout the night and when they are alone at home.

What are Calming Dog Beds?

Dogs need adequate exercise, a balanced diet, and sufficient socialization to remain healthy. Separation anxiety can cause your dog to “throw fits’, bark, or howl excessively. Your dog may even make attempts to run away from the yard or kennel. The issue can soon escalate into deeper psychological problems like depression. 

Calming dog beds are specifically designed to help alleviate stress in dogs and calm them. These beds incorporate everything a dog needs to calm down and feel less anxious. It is vital to choose a high-quality calming bed for your dog to ensure the best results. 

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Anecdotal reports from dog owners show that calming beds can help with “counter-conditioning” in dogs. When your dog starts to gain comfort from the dog bed, it will help them stay happy without you at home. You can even condition your dog to feel relaxed and calm when they lie down on the bed.  

Helps Manage Stress and Anxiety

A comfy, calming dog bed can help your pup feel more at ease. These beds usually have soft, warm, fuzzy surfaces and are large enough for your dog to lie in comfortably. 

Hence, your dog derives physical comfort and warmth from these beds. These feelings can help bring down stress and anxiety in your dogs. Snuggling into bed will soon become one of their favorite things to do. Your dog is bound to feel safe, warm, and secure in these beds.

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Different Shapes, Sizes, and Colors

Calming dog beds are available in a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes. Experts recommend choosing light, soothing colors for dog beds. It is also recommended you inspect the feel and texture of the bed by hand before purchasing it. 

Since these beds are available in different sizes, you will not have trouble finding a bed that your dogs can fit in comfortably. Several dog bed manufacturers design and make “breed-specific” beds to suit specific dog breeds’ size and comfort requirements. 

The beds may come with extra calming “inserts” and other features. These inserts are made of essential oils and other calming elements. So these inserts help keep your dog calmer for longer.

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Ergonomic Benefits

Calming dog beds also help deliver physical benefits to your dog. These dog beds are ergonomically efficient and provide your dog with the much-needed joint and back support. Research evidence suggests that adult dogs are vulnerable to degenerative conditions like arthritis and osteoporosis. 

While calming dog beds can’t prevent these conditions from occurring or cure them, they can offer sufficient comfort and support, so your pet can rest freely. 

Helps Minimize Destructive Behaviors

Dogs develop and exhibit destructive behavior when they are emotionally, physically, or psychologically disturbed. Since calming dog beds help keep your dog calm and relaxed, the possibilities of your dog exhibiting destructive behaviors are minimized.

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Machine Washable and Easy to Maintain

Dog beds accumulate fur and dirt over time. Check if the bed you plan to buy is machine washable. Calming beds with removable covers are your best bet for easy maintenance. 

Inspect the quality of the fabric and the wash instructions that form part of the manual to know about the cycle preferences. You may have to invest in pet-friendly detergents and washing liquids. 

Choose Beds Made of Organic Material

Dogs can develop allergies. Hence, it’s best to choose beds made of organic, sustainable material. Organic dog beds are also more eco-friendly and contain fewer chemicals. 

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An extra-plush, cozy dog bed is just the perfect gift for your beloved pet. Dogs are happiest when with their downers. You cannot stay home with your dog 24/7 or take them with you everywhere you go, but you can still give them the next best thing to your company; a well-designed, extra-soft dog bed that feels like home.

Some canine mentors and veterinarians debilitate the propensity since it shows accommodation. “Individuals stress that permitting your canine to rest in your bed will make strength issues and will show your canine that you are not the head of the pack,” says Cori Gross DVM, a rehearsing veterinarian close to Seattle.

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Notwithstanding, Dr. Gross, just as numerous other veterinary specialists, says that these worries are regularly made a huge deal about. “Assuming your canine as of now has predominance issues with you as the proprietor, having them snooze bed with you can be an issue,” says Gross. “Yet, on the off chance that they don’t have those issues, it won’t make them.”

Another worry? Cleanliness. As indicated by a new report by the California Department of Public Health’s main veterinarian, laying down with your pet could make you debilitated. However uncommon, various contaminations — from chagas sickness to feline scratch illness — can be spread from pet to individual. Different cons incorporate insects and expected wrecks if your canine isn’t yet housetrained.

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All things considered, you can limit trouble over pup microbes with normal and continuous vet visits, which you ought to plan at any rate. The danger is tiny “as long as the pet person keeps the canine current on insect and worm protections,” says Gross.

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